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Quick Tips: How to Photograph Dogs

by on Jul.03, 2010, under Articles

How to photograph your dog: essential tips to create stunning canine portraits!

We all think our own dogs are the most beautiful creatures in the world, and I’m sure he/she is one of the most photographed subjects in your household!

If you’ve ended up with less-than-great results so far, take at look at my quick tips, and you’ll be a dog photography pro in no time!

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Stunning Seascapes

by on May.03, 2009, under Articles

Using the Nikon D3X to create a great magazine cover shot

Although I love each and every issue of our magazine, issue 80 is extra special to me. Why? Because it features my very own, first ever, cover image shot exclusively for DP – a wrap-around, no less!

Digital Photographer - Issue 80, Copyright Imagine-Publishing.

It all came about when I was reviewing the formidable new Nikon D3X – I was thoroughly enjoying using the camera and had come back to the office to marvel at the results of my most recent shoot. Now, as you may have noticed, Nikon has used our back cover for advertising for quite some time, which gave us the idea of creating a wrap-around from an image taken with the D3X by yours truly.

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Latest Images

by on Jan.01, 2009, under Galleries

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